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Selection Criteria of Asiagate Members

asian manAll Asiagate members are specifically and carefully selected after a comprehensive assessment of the member’s history and background. The size, integrity and reputation of the member is one of the main qualifying factors to be considered in the selection process.

Members must own a comprehensive database in their country and information is updated constantly to ensure information is up-to-date, accurate, complete and reliable for all business decisions.

Why Be Part of Asiagate

Asiagate is continuously seeking new partners in the credit reporting business in Asia so as to make it a truly Asian network group. Asiagate is committed to provide high quality credit information and strong partnership to ensure that partners / members enjoy the following benefits at all times :

  • Online direct access to the most comprehensive database in Asia comprising of more than 10 million companies.
  • Associate with the best credit reporting agencies in Asia who have wide experience and extensive local knowledge or business landscape in their own respective country.
  • Enjoy preferential treatment, such as service and rates.
  • Enjoy international marketing and exposure.
  • Increase business volume internationally and profits.
  • Linking up with international groupings.
  • To seek new business opportunities among its members.