CTOS BASIS – Malaysia

CTOS Basis Sdn Bhd which established in 1994 is a wholly owned subsidiary of CTOS Digital Berhad. It provides both corporate/company/business & individual/consumer credit reports. CTOS is the largest and the only listed credit reporting agency in the stock exchange in Malaysia.  It provides a complete portfolio of credit risk management solutions and are widely used by the country’s banking and financial institutions, insurance, telecommunication companies, large corporations, SMEs, legal firms, statutory bodies and international clients.

China Credit Information Service – Taiwan

CCIS is a creditable business group founded in 1961. As a pioneer in offering full spectrum of business information and consulting service in greater China market, CCIS has become a complete credit information service platform across Taiwan and Mainland China.

INRA – Thailand

International Research Associates (INRA) Ltd. was established in March 1976 by Dr. Frederic L. Ayer, known as the pioneer of credit reporting and corporate analysis in Thailand. Since its establishment, INRA has become Thailand’s leading credit reporting agency and maintains international clients ranging from foreign governments, credit insurance organizations, multinational companies and leading commercial reporting agencies worldwide.

CIBI – Philippines

CIBI is the premiere provider of business and personal information for business entities and individuals in the Philippines. With over twenty years (20) of experience in serving various industries, it has broadened its scope to serve global entities with information and support services through a wide network of international subscribers, correspondents and partners.

Worldbox – India

Worldbox Business Intelligence is an independent service, providing online company credit reports, company profiles, company ownership and management reports, legal status and history details as well as financial and other business information on over 50 million companies worldwide, covering all emerging and major markets.

Metropol – Kenya

Metropol Corporation Limited was established in Kenya in 1996. In 1997, Metropol entered into an exclusive contract with Dun & Bradstreet International (D&B) as a correspondent and distributor of their products in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. This relationship lasted for 10 years (up to April 2006) and provided Metropol with a solid base for its current business.

Metropol Corporation Limited used the D&B relationship to develop its capabilities in credit reporting. The company continues to undertake credit ratings and credit reporting of companies for all sectors of the economy in addition to provision of Business Information Reports.

ICMS – New Zealand & Australia

ICMS is one of the finest debt collection and credit report agencies of New Zealand. Since 1930, we’ve been providing our services to a huge range of clients ranging from owner operated businesses to large corporations both nationally & internationally, and across a wide range of industry types.

Indodata – Indonesia

P.T. Indodata Global Semesta (INDODATA) initiated its business in 1993 in Credit Information Report Providing, where, up to now, it still becomes the main business of the company. In line with the growing demand for fast and accurate information, the company then develops and diversifies its business into several division related to the core one, namely Market Research Division, Publication Division and Debt Collection Division.

Up to now, the company has been servicing and trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide. By this global network, the company has proven its solidity and plays important role in the current global economic era.

VietnamCredit – Vietnam

In 1996, Vietnam Credit made its first approach at business information. Over the past 22 years, Vietnam Credit has been the leader in Vietnam Business Information & Credit Rating service industry. We have consistently helped our clients make better decisions by providing Company Reports, Industry Reports, M&A Supporting Service and Debt Collection.

From our initial days of hard copy reports within a closed society to today’s Vietnam with internet-driven integration, we have worked at understanding our customers and continually improved our products and services to serve better and better.


NICE GROUP was founded in 1986. It launched a comprehensive credit information service in 1989 for the first time in Korea and has gradually expanded its business scope into adjacent areas including ATM, credit card van and asset management. Not resting on its laurels, NICE GROUP has created or entered into new business territories and established its business portfolio consisting of three major pillars: credit information, financial service and manufacturing.

Teikoku Databank – Japan

Teikoku Databank aim to contribute to society by supporting sound corporate activity as a trusted information partner. To achieve this goal, we provide products and services of high quality that serve the needs of our customers.

Total Global Credit & Risk Solutions – Hong Kong

Total Credit & Risk Management Group was established in 1987 and has been at the forefront of providing credit and risk management services, with a focus on the Greater China (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macao) and Asia Pacific region.